Melanie Pereira Alves is a Portuguese-American multidisciplinary artist living in San Francisco, Ca. Alves has a 5 years degree (equivalent to master degree) in Fine Arts at Porto university, Portugal. She also studied at ENSBA de Paris and ENSBA de Bordeaux, France. 

Over the past few years, Alves has been focusing her art on themes addressing the refugee crisis, the war on Syria, immigration, gun violence and culture of fear. 

For her current project, titled “Permanent lives in a female body”, Alves interviews, photographs and engages with women from an array of different and diverse cultures. Through these intimate documentary experiences,  Alves is able to create deeply personal and layered portraits in various mediums, continuing her exploration of current social and cultural issues present in past bodies of work such as Inequality, racism, xenophobia and violence. 

With this body of work the Artist aims to connect strangers and the audience through their life story, revealing their differences but highlighting their similarities, showing that every story is important and worth to be told.


Alves has been largely influenced by the interaction of performance and installation art, the motion of video art, and the marginality of street art.
To her, the concept is King, therefore the idea will dictate the best medium to be used to materialize her vision.

Since moving to San Francisco from London UK in 2011, Melanie Alves has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions including shows at Whitewalls, 111 Minna Gallery and Modern Eden. One of her latest exhibitions was a group exhibit titled “Imagine peace now”, a show that traveled to different locations around the United States for a year's time, bringing awareness to the gun violence that currently torments our Society.




Five years 1st degree in fine arts (equivalent to master degree), at “Faculdade de Belas-artes”, Porto university , Portugal.



International university student exchange (freemover) with the école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (e.n.s.b.a.) of Paris. Attended master class at Christian Boltanski's atelier, in E.N.S.B.A., Paris.



Merit scholarship winner 2004/2005 in Porto University “FBAUP”, Portugal.  ”Erasmus” student exchange on her 4th year of fine arts, in Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-arts (E.N.S.B.A) de Bordeaux, in France