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Welcome to my blog. Here I will post all kind of things related to my Art.

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Since ever, it always intrigued me the relationship between bodies, spaces and what defines us as One.

I remember, when I was a young child, looking outside my mom’s car window and observe very carefully every single person walking on the street. I would just be silently observing people walking by, when millions of questions would pop out my head such as: What are they thinking? Where are they going to? Why am I me and not them?…

I really couldn’t understand how do we fall into our bodies, our life… From that point beyond I would always play this little mind game and every time my Mom would take me along to run some errands I would be quietly “picking” people and observing their actions.

My work is an understanding of our Identity- as a “self” and as a physical part of a whole. Being a small piece of a Puzzle, our I.D. is defined by our history, our experiences, and our location. It is also constantly influenced and challenged by life’s events and daily hazard.

Time passes and we become more complex but also more fragile creatures. We lose touch with our inner self and get swallowed by this new Society that teaches us that everything and everyone is discarded and replaceable. I want to dig deeper, I want to find that piece of you, which I define as your Essence, where nothing and no one has influenced you. And whilst I’m on my path, I will criticize and try to call into your attention the pieces of this World puzzle that are rotten.
No need to say what Society does with rotten…